© BD AutoColour 2011  Tel: 07882 015107 Email: info@bdautocolour.co.uk VW Beetle - Damaged Rear Wing & Bumper Damaged Repaired & Area Primed For Paint Car Masked & Prepared For Paint Completed Repair Repair Process Paint & Body Panel Repairs We are able to undertake a range of cosmetic repairs to a vehicle’s exterior, including damage sustained to most body panels, bumpers and alloy wheels.  We repair only the damaged area in a way that will seamlessly blend the colour of the final paint finish into the existing vehicle’s colour.  All modern factory paint finishes are computer coded and we mix our paint according to the factory paint code ensuring an exact match. In the example below, a Volkswagen Beetle has sustained damage to the rear nearside wing and rear bumper.  The series of images outlines the stages of repair and process undertaken to achieve a successful repair. Click On Any Image To Enlarge Or View Slide Show In this example a Ford Fiesta has sustained damage to the front bumper.  Again using the industry standard approach the damaged area is repaired, the surface prepared for the primer coat, followed by the colour base coat and then the area is lacquered and polished to achieve a factory like finish.      Ford Fiesta - Damaged Bumper Area Repaired & Primed Colour Base Applied Repair Completed Click On Any Image To Enlarge Or View Slide Show             Paintless Dent Repairs (PDR) We are also offer a service where we are able to remove dents from body panels in cases where there has been no or minimal damage to the paint.  The process does not require the use of any paint materials so is environmentally friendly and as the factory paintwork remains original it will not adversely impact on the manufacturer’s paint warranty. This process is used in cases where the damage caused is of a minor nature, such as the door of another car making contact or by a low speed impact.  The technician will in most cases massage the damage panel from behind the point of impact and with the aid of specialist tools and years of experience is able to return the panel to its previous pre-accident shape. The images below show the damaged front offside wing on a Volkswagen Golf before and after the PDR has been undertaken.  VW Golf - Damage Pre Repair VW Golf - Post Repair Click On Any Image To Enlarge Or View Slide Show Alloy Wheel Repairs We can repair minor damage to most alloy wheels.  The alloy wheel will be removed from vehicle and the damaged area repaired.  The wheel will then be masked to ensure paint and lacquer coats do not extend beyond the immediate area of the repair.  Once the damage has been repaired the area will be primed followed by a matched paint coat to the existing colour and then lacquered.   Repairs To Stone Chips & Minor Scratches We are also able to repair minor stone chips and scratches sustained by ‘wear and tear’ that a car will sustain during its lifetime.  Whilst the repair will never be undetectable it will greatly improve the area where the damage has been sustained.  We will use colour matched to the original factory finish and the chip or scratch will have a lacquer coat that will be flat and polished.